Job Posting: Professor of Production Systems, Mälardalen University

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Employment: Permanent employment
Scope: Full time
Closing date for application: 2017-10-17
Campus location: Eskilstuna
School: School of Innovation, Design and Engineering, (IDT)

The School of Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDT) is seeking to recruit a professor for the Division of Product Realisation within the research specialisation of Innovation and Product Realisation (IPR). The professorship is part of the University’s strategic investment for continued strengthening and development of the research specialisation within IPR. IPR is a unique multidisciplinary environment and meeting place for three first-cycle subjects, research studies within the domain of Innovation and Design, and cooperation with the private sector within the three strategic cooperation platforms of Automation Region (AR), Mälardalen Industrial Technology Center (MITC) and Robotdalen (Robot Valley). Within the School, IPR also conducts research in cooperation with the research specialisation of Embedded Systems. Within IPR today there are four research teams: Product and Production Development, Workplace Innovation and Quality Management, Information Design, and also Value-driven Innovation and Foresight.

Thereby IPR will be strengthening its research and research studies with a well-established and experienced professor of Production Systems with specialisation in Production Development. Thus IPR will be strengthened as a research base for the M.Sc. in Engineering programmes in Product and Process Development as well as Innovation and Design, among others.

The relevant areas of skills for the professorship include:

Virtual production development
Development, operation and management of production systems
Production strategies and automation
Modelling and simulation of production systems and processes