Historic design lecture by Gordon Glegg at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Gordon Glegg was a design lecturer in the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge during the 1960s and 1970s, and author of The Design of Design (1969) The Selection of Design (1972) The Science of Design (1973) and The Development of Design (1981). He was a very successful designer and an extremely charismatic speaker. He instigated a voluntary conceptual design course that proved to be very popular. After he retired, this course was introduced as a permanent part of the 1st year course in the Department and runs to this day. For several years after he retired, he was asked to come back and repeat his design lectures. It was decided to video record his lectures on the last occasion he returned. When the tapes were eventually retrieved, they had deteriorated very badly and only one 46-minute section could be saved, but we are very pleased that the University of Cambridge has now made it available through YouTube at Despite the poor quality, Glegg’s character, style, enthusiasm and design knowledge shine through!