UBISS 2018 Summer School - Call for Participants to workshop “MAKE. WEAR. MATTER: EXPLORATIONS IN DESIGN, MAKING & CREATIVITY”

Monday, 4 June 2018 - Saturday, 9 June 2018, Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu, FI

UBISS 2018 - 9th International UBI Summer School 2018 Oulu, Finland, June 4-9, 2018
Hosted by the Center for Ubiquitous Computing at the University of Oulu

Application deadline: March 12, 2018
Registration fee: 250 EUR
Accommodation: 30 EUR/day
Credits: 5 ECTS

UBISS 2018 invites researchers, students, and industry and public sector professionals to gain theoretical insights and personal hands on experience on selected topics under the tutelage of distinguished experts. UBISS 2018 builds on the legacy of the previous eight successful UBI Summer Schools hosted by us in Oulu in 2010-2017.

UBISS 2018 comprises of four parallel 6-day "hands on" workshops including:

Prof. Mark D. Gross, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Adj. Prof. Georgi V. Georgiev, University of Oulu, Finland

The elaboration of low cost sensing, actuated materials with programmable properties, and light and long-lasting batteries opens the door to creative combinations of computing, making and craft. In this workshop, students will design, develop, debug, and demonstrate wearable technologies: gadgets, clothing, jewelry, and other adornments that embed and embody computational media for various and sundry purposes that matter in our lives—from fun, play and fashion to health and well-being. Students will explore synergies between computing, design and state-of-the art fabrication technologies to expand their gadget creation skills. We will investigate possibilities that arise from the new paradigm of ubiquitous computing and digital manufacturing, tackling the inventive and engaging essence of making wearables that matter in our lives.

The workshop builds upon physical, computational and conceptual tools of making to expand students’ skills and creative confidence in prototyping wearable technologies. Students will gain an overview of the state of the art in making and creativity in the context of wearable technology. Reviewing a broad spectrum of inspirational examples will place students’ projects at the forefront of wearable technology development, focusing on creative exploration as well as on inventive, emotional and engaging interactions.

After outlining the design space of wearable technologies, surveying materials and supplies for designing, and implementing wearable technologies, students will imagine and create project prototypes using hardware, software tools and resources at FabLab Oulu. In the final workshop session, each student or team of students will present and demonstrate their work, along with an explanation of the context, realization and importance.

As for learning outcomes: Each student will have opportunities to expand skills and creative confidence in prototyping wearable technology with scope in explorations of novel grounds. Developing an inventive, engaging (and fun) atmosphere of collaboration and reflection are crucial to individuals’ personal growth.

We seek participants from a variety of backgrounds and professional experience in order to maximize the mix of ideas. Each will be inquisitive and excited to explore the possibilities of the tools and machinery in the Oulu FabLab. There are no specific prerequisites, but participants will need to perform basic programming tasks and develop 2D and 3D models to create physical parts on the FabLab machines.

Maximum number of participants to be enrolled to the workshop: 20
Further information and online application form are available at


UBISS 2018 Summer School - Call for Participants to workshop “MAKE. WEAR. MATTER: EXPLORATIONS IN DESIGN, MAKING & CREATIVITY”